Suede Bomber Jacket: What You Should Know

Suede Bomber Jacket What You Should Know

Bomber jackets can be made from different materials, one of which is suede. But what is suede? Do you have any suede bomber jacket? What you should know about using a suede bomber jacket? This article will help you answer all questions.

What is suede?

What suede is

What suede is?

Currently on the market there are many products made from different types of leather such as smooth leather, glossy leather, suede … So what is suede? It is a type of leather produced from the reverse side of animal skin, such as sheep skin, cow skin, pig skin, goat skin.

Outstanding advantages of suede

  • This type of leather has numerous advantages, including velvet-like softness and smoothness, natural hue, and even color that can be used in the creation of jackets.
  • Suede is thicker than regular leather, so wearing a jacket made of this material will keep you warm.
  • Products made from this type of leather exude youthfulness, dynamism, and personality.
  • The more this sort of skin is used, the more beautiful, shiny, and smooth it becomes.
  • The products created from this sort of leather are environmentally friendly.
Suede has numerous advantages

Suede has numerous advantages.


Although this sort of leather is excellent, it does have certain drawbacks, such as not being waterproof, being easy to attach to dirt and thus difficult to clean, and being overly pricey when compared to other types of leather.

It is easy to attach to dirt and difficult to clean.

It is easy to attach to dirt and difficult to clean.


What is a suede bomber jacket?

Many people are unfamiliar with the term “suede bomber jacket”. And what exactly is suede bomber jacket? This type of jacket now is used in a variety of occasions. Both in terms of quality and affordability, this product created from suede of leather is well regarded.

This kind of jacket features a unique, fashionable, and modern style that makes it ideal for fashionistas. The jacket is incredibly beautiful, but it is also quite difficult to maintain because it will be easily damaged if you do not know how to keep and preserve it properly.

The suede bomber jacket is incredibly beautiful, but difficult to maintain.

The suede bomber jacket is incredibly beautiful, but difficult to maintain.

The suede bomber jacket is not cheap at all. However, this product is true to the saying “you get what you pay for” since when you wear it, you will feel comfortable, soft and show luxury. If you know how to properly store it, it will surely last for a long time.

How to preserve suede bomber jackets safely?

A suede bomber jacket comes with many advantages. However, while learning how to wash a suede jacket is difficult, keeping it looking new and enduring is even more challenging. Here’s how to keep the suede bomber jacket in good condition so it lasts longer.

*Do not use the dryer

Wet and rainy weather makes it difficult to dry clothes and leaves an unpleasant odour. Therefore, many people dry their clothes with the dryer. However, you should never do so with a suede bomber jacket. Because they will modify the texture of the skin’s surface, making it more dry, cracked, or wrinkled, and reducing the product’s beauty.

Wet and rainy weather makes it difficult to dry

Wet and rainy weather makes it difficult to dry.

*Do not clean with strong detergents

When stains stick to objects, people often use alcohol to clean them. However, this isn’t the right way to wash suede. Because it will cause your jacket’s surface to become rough. Additionally, it causes the suede to burn, resulting in huge, hard black dots on the surface. So be cautious when cleaning.

*Remove wrinkles on suede bomber jacket

Many ways to wash suede jackets make for a lot of wrinkles. So to flatten them, of course, you can’t use irons like some common materials. There are two options:

  • Moisten your jacket in the bathroom: Bring your suede bomber jacket with you to the bathroom and hang them in a position to avoid splashes of water. Turn on the shower and take a normal shower. The room will be filled with steam by the time you have completed showering. All you have to do is hang the jacket for 15 minutes to let the moisture soften it, then smooth out the creases with a soft cloth.
  • Use books: You can also smooth out wrinkles on a suede jacket by placing them under books. You can press down hard on the stack for a few minutes or leave it overnight.

*Keep in dry places

To keep your jacket from getting moldy, store it in a dry place. When stored in a dry place, the jacket will certainly last longer.

*Store carefully

After each use, instead of plastic wrap for leather jackets to store like other clothes, you should wrap newspaper to absorb dirt and not cause moisture to the shirt.

To keep the quality of your suede jacket always beautiful over time, you need to pay attention to some ways to preserve and wash it. In addition, choosing a high-end, brand-name product line will help you limit color fading and fading during the cleaning process.

Some Famous Suede Bomber Jacket Brands

If you’re looking for a suede bomber jacket to add to your wardrobe, then these are the brands that really excel when it comes to this luxurious type of outerwear.

Saint Laurent

Since the 1960s, the leather jacket has been a staple of Saint Laurent’s collection. The biker silhouette is a Saint Laurent trademark, and it looks even better in soft velvety suede than it does in its signature soft, black leather.

Saint Laurent Suede Bomber Jacket

Saint Laurent Suede Bomber Jacket


AllSaints, based in East London, is another brand known for its leather jackets, but the suede versions are just as fantastic. Its pricing is fairly reasonable for the quality on offer, and while they aren’t exactly rock bottom, it’s worth remembering that we’re talking about suede jackets, which aren’t exactly the most economical outerwear option on the market.

With that in mind, AllSaints is a fantastic value for money alternative for anyone seeking well-made clothing that won’t break the budget.

Kemble Suede Bomber Jacket

Kemble Suede Bomber Jacket


Reiss is a high-street company with a focus on luxury, and it’s recognized for producing high-quality suede jackets that won’t break the budget. The two styles we believe the British brand shines with are bombers and truckers, with a traditional, muted color palette ensuring maximum adaptability from both.

Dilan Suede Bomber jacket

Dilan Suede Bomber jacket


Hopefully, the given information has brought you a greater understanding of suede and suede products, particularly suede bomber jackets.


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