How to keep a leather bomber jacket new

Keep leather bomber jacket always new

Leather jackets’ beauty enhances what you’re wearing and they make a traditional statement to others about your strength and machinability. Whether your jacket is brand new or a vintage piece, there are tips to take care of your investment so that it looks nearly as good as the day you brought it home. Leather bomber jackets need a little more TLC (tender loving care) than the rest of your outerwear wardrobe. You can’t just toss one in the wash and hope it will come out looking unaltered and new (seriously, do not do that).

keep a leather bomber jacket new

Keep a leather bomber jacket new

  • Preventing Damage and Bring A New Leather Coat

    Make sure to protect your brand new and unblemished bomber jacket before you wear it out for the first time. (Think about it—you wouldn’t drive an uninsured car, right?)
    “A leather or suede protectant spray is important to protect your garment or shoes from water and rain,” Cambronero said. “Kiwi Protect-all is a good option, but always spot test first to make sure the spray does not cause any damage or discoloration!” Pick somewhere unobtrusive like under the arm or lapel. Check the label to know how long the spray lasts, and be sure to reapply it as directed. Use the spray after you have let the jacket dry and cleaned it if your coat already has water damage.

  • What to do if Your Jacket is Water Stained

The Jacket is Water Stained

The Jacket is Water Stained

What NOT to do first? Do not throw your bomber jacket into the dryer or try spot drying with a hairdryer. This may damage the natural leather. It is recommended that you hang the damp clothing in a room with plenty of light and airflow. It will dry up on its own.

  • Leather Bomber Jacket Cleaning Tips

    If you notice stains or spills on your jacket, the first thing you should do is to look inside at the coat lining. A garment care tag should be stitched into the jacket lining and contains instructions for care and cleaning. Plus, if you have a suede jacket, you will need to take it to a dry cleaner so that it can be cleaned professionally. You can use rubbing liquor to remove ink stains from smooth leather. (Also called Isopropyl alcohol.) Use a white cloth and be careful while scrubbing, do not scrub too hard because you could cause fading.
    To clean the outside of your jacket, prepare a soap and water solution from pet or baby shampoo. Besides, to clean and condition your coat, you could also use pre-treated leather cleaning wipes or olive oil. After you have treated and cleaned all the stain on your jacket, you should hang it on a sturdy hanger, dry it in a room with plenty of light and well-circulated air.

  • Leather Conditioner

    Newer jackets may not benefit from an application of leather conditioners, because they are usually made from soft and thin leather. Vintage leather jackets can be softened and protected by coating them with a layer of lotion. It is important to apply the conditioner to older coats so that they will not crack and break down over time.
    However, with so many leather conditioners available on the market, you can find it’s difficult to pick out the best choice. If you don’t know what good leather conditioner to pick, some kinds below may help you!

European Leather Restorer
European Leather Restorer

European Leather Restorer

Standing higher in the price spectrum is the European Leather Restorer.
The European Leather Restorer boasts a long lineage. It’s been perfected by a family over three generations and is 100% USA-made, highly versatile and can be used on every kind of leather goods, including clothing, furniture, and more!
No sticky residue left on the leather after use.

 Obenauf’s Heavy Duty LP
Obenauf’s Heavy Duty LP

Obenauf’s Heavy Duty LP

A considerably more economical choice at half the price of the European Leather Restorer.
Obenauf certainly has an aesthetic in mind as evidenced by its stylish packaging. The Heavy Duty LP (Industrial Strength Leather Preservative) is a beeswax formula that melts into leather by hand, so a little goes a long way with this product!

Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner and Conditioner
Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

Last but not least is the Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner and Conditioner! This product provides a great amount of bang for your buck, providing not only a leather cleaner but also a conditioner at an affordable price.
It uses a distinct pH-balanced formula so you don’t have to worry that the leather jacket will get dry or dirty! The spray applicator is also a nice perk because it aids in applying a nice, even coat.

“I think it’s best to clean a jacket only when necessary”, says Cambronero. “Leather looks better with a lived-in look.” So those rain marks you are stressing about? Take them as signs you found a jacket you really love.

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